Travel Around You

How often are you enjoying your city or state? I can remember when I was young my family went on vacations. We went to Disney, Hawaii, Arizona and pretty much anywhere except Texas. I would go once a year somewhere with a family member and would discover new places. Now, my family was not native to Texas so we never knew all of the great things to do here in our own state. As I got older and went off to college on the east coast, I realized that I had never really done anything more then the things in the Dallas area with the occasional trip town 45 to Houston.

After 4 years at college and a few more traveling throughout the US, I decided it was time to check out what my great state had to offer. WOW! There is so going on here. Over the past 10 years, I have been to a lot of the small towns and all of the bigger ones you have actually heard about.

Do you take time to check out your state? Where will you go next? There is always an adventure out there, you just have to go seek it out.