Storm Watching Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. This is Really a Thing.

If you’ve never been to British Columbia, specifically the Vancouver & Vancouver Island parts, then you’re missing out on an array of unique vacation possibilities. One of those unique vacation options happens to be Storm Watching on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

We will take up a weeklong stay in the city of Ucluet, BC on the western coast of Vancouver Island on the Barkley Sound. More specifically we will be staying at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort. This resort offers a spa, and a culinary experience. Curl up in your well-equipped suite of contemporary design with floor to ceiling windows, fireplace, heated slate floors, soaking tub, kitchen and finally your balcony, which is perfect for watching the coming storm.

Between the months of November to March a winter storm hits the Ucluelet area with annual rainfall of over 130 Inches (3,351 Millimeters), Winds reaching up to 75 Kilometers (about 46 miles) and waves over 10 feet high. This area can expect around 10 storms in a given month during the storm season. This natural beauty begins each year as a low-pressure system in October begins to move northward into the Gulf of Alaska. As the cold air from the north meets with the warmer air from the south it creates a drop in pressure and pushes storms to the east with a dramatic increase in precipitation, wind and waves.

After the storms an enjoyable pastime is Beachcombing. The storms bring in driftwood and if you’re lucky Japanese Glass and other possible treasures. Walking the beach to sift through the storm aftermath is a way to de-stress and can be summed up as an adventure.

Ucluelet BC Storm Watching

Ways to Get to Ucluelet BC:

We flew into Vancouver British Columbia, rented a car and took the ferry to Vancouver Island then drove to Ucluelet for the chance to see a beautiful environment that is Vancouver Island. If you don’t want to drive all the way to Ucluelet then you could always take the Tofino Bus and pick it up in Victoria on the island. There is the option to fly via regional jets. Some of the airlines choices are ORCA Airways and Salmon Eye Charters or fly from Seattle with Kenmore Air Express. Lastly the option to go by sea via the Quay in Port Alberni with the options of MV Lady Rose or MV Frances Barkley.

Things to See…Things to Do…

Besides the storm which is certainly a bucket list item you have the opportunity to visit other attractions in the area. Check out all the attractions to see and do while you’re staying in Ucluelet:

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve: Offering various indoor and outdoor education activities, the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is located right outside of Ucluelet. Hike the many trails, see the rainforest and take in the beach of this reserve.

Ucluelet Aquarium: This new waterfront aquarium is a fun and educational activity which allows you and the family to explore the sea in a safe atmosphere.

Wild Pacific Trail: Take your chance to see some whales as you walk along the rock shorelines of the Wild Pacific Trail as well as taking in the natural scenery.

Other Actives in Ucluelet BC: Your adventure and unique vacation would not be complete without the other fun activities the Ucluelet region has to offer. Here are some other fun things to do…see…experience…

· Golfing

· Zipline

· Biking

· Wildlife Tours

· Arts & Culture

· Beaches

· Dining Experiences

Going during the summer? Check out Ukee Days which takes place in 2016 from July 22 to July 24. This three-day weekend festival includes retail vendors, food, drinks and fun! Check out one of the many live music options or the Logger Sports Canadian Championships.

As you plan your adventure vacation, give Encompass Worldwide a call. We experienced this awesome experience, which you might not have thought twice about previously. We have special deals and options for various resorts and would love to help you plan your trip to Vancouver Island. Our agency does not charge a fee to plan your vacation. Contact us today at travel@encompass-worldwide.com.