Review: Hyatt Aviara Resort - Carlsbad CA

Recently my husband booked a trip for us to California to celebrate our 4th anniversary. When I came home he had booked the Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad CA. Now, being in the business, I was like..."What?" But then after hearing the details, I was like..."YES!"

So, we set off to California and headed north from San Diego about 30 minutes to the town of Carlsbad. I have a friend that lives in this city so I was familiar with the area and happy to be close to the water and a beautiful part of the country. We arrived early at the Aviara so that my husband couple meet his tee time obligations and I rode in the cart and had cocktails while enjoying the beautiful scenery. After about an hour, I was ready for my next stop which was the spa....one of my favorite places to be.


At the Spa I learned that the resort had once been a Four Seasons but was run very similar to the previous flagged hotel chain. My treatment was lovely and both my massage and facial were on point. The amenities were amazing and my experience was perfect. After leaving the Spa, I met my husband by the pool for cocktails. It was perfect weather and my skin was perfectly happen soaking up the vitamin D.


On to dinner, which is where the stay starting going downhill a bit. We had reservations at the Argyle. This is their high end restaurant that specializes in steak and seafood on the menu. We are from Texas so we definitely know a good steak when we see one and from the menu and the property, this looked like it would be a good one. It might have been but they serve their steaks on a cast iron skillet for what I would assume is for presentation purposes. Three steaks later, we were eating and mine still was almost well done...YUK! The manager came out to deliver and said she would be back to check on us and it never happened. The service as a whole was rather lacking on a lot of levels. But the view was great and the night was lovely so it did not ruin our evening. I would say that this place needs to step up their game when it comes to service and presentation.


We spent the rest of our time at the resort resting and relaxing. This was our first trip since the arrival of our baby in October and it was much needed. I would say, if you need some pampering and great room, this is a perfect spot. Maybe just head to the beach for dinner.