Point of View: Las Vegas - Pro

I have been to Vegas numerous times and to be honest, it is not a place I would choose to go. I am not a gambler and staying up all night more then once in a weekend is getting to be too much in my old age. But I say that because I am starting to appreciate the other things Vegas has to offer. No, not the shows or the numerous ways they try to get you to spend money but the amazing hospitality and way they treat people that come to their town.

The staff of every casino, ground transportation, and hotel see you as dollar signs and they have learned that you can look like you have money and sometimes you don't look the part. They want all that you have so from my experience they treat you more on the side that you have what they want and they want it from you. They want you to gamble, stay in their hotel and spend your money.

From a hospitality standpoint, it is great! The service is amazing and the way they go above and beyond is something a lot of other hoteliers and service people can learn from. "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" could be one of the best slogans ever created for branding and I think the city really embraces it. However, the thing I will be taking away from my last trip to the city that never sleeps is great hospitality and friendly people.