Point of View: Denver - Pro

Most every time I go to Denver it is either in the winter or it is to do some sort of outdoor activity. That is what they are known for, right? Well, this last time I went to Denver and stayed downtown, in the summer, and no outdoor activities....and I still loved it.

Denver's downtown seems to not only be evolving in things to do but seems to be evolving in a town with great food! While there I tried a number of different cuisines that were ethically different from one another and all of them were so good. I also tried a few locations that had great atmospheres which is what I want to bring to you today.


Beatrice & Woodsley, what a great place! When I walked in the door I immediately felt transformed into a different world. With the yellow tinted glass and the large trees coming out of the grow, I was questioning this place as soon as I walked in. Where am I? How cool is this? You can tell there was a lot of thought and effort put into this restaurant and the same goes for the farm to table menu.There are a lot of great options and with a large group I was able to try a few of the dishes. The bathroom experience and design was also unique. When going to wash your hands, the sink has an interesting pulley system for the water which creates a beautiful design and a full way to get clean.

Green Russell...wow! I left this place feeling like I had taken a time machine back to the early to when alcohol was carefully crafted and appreciated for the art that it can be. I did not eat a meal but enjoyed the bar area and the bartenders knowledge. I did not order a regular drink but told him what liquor I liked and a few preferences and received a lovely drink that was perfect for my palette. The environment was such that people were quiet but happily enjoying the company of their companions. There is a no cell phone policy where you have to step out to talk on the phone....amazing. Everything about this bar from the detail in design to the way they make you feel is perfectly crafted, just like their drinks.


Next time I am in Denver, I might be skiing or hiking but I will definitely take the time to find new places in an ever growing city to enjoy good food and atmosphere. Thanks Denver!