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Point of View: Denver - Con

Our goal is not to be negative with this portion of our Points of View blog series, but as you will see in the coming weeks, Encompass Worldwide likes to take on both the good with the bad. Granted there is no perfect vacation or business spot, but some are definitely better than others. Last week, we focused on the Pro/Positive side of Denver, Colorado and this week our Blog will focus on the list of Con/Negative viewpoints o the Mile High City. Remember, it’s just an opinion and we mean no harm. We just want to give you a different perspective for one of America’s major cities.

We’re sure you have seen or experienced many of these yourself. Call us dramatic, but these little sticking points can make or break my Denver experience.

And here we go….

The Airport: DIA (Denver International Airport) is a disjointed nightmare of an airport. It’s definitely huge, sprawls of a huge plot of land almost unnecessarily, provides a creep factor i.e. DIA Conspiracy Theories and finally the airport might as well had been built in Kansas considering it is in the middle of nowhere and takes forever and a day to get to.

Allergies and Dry Weather: When you live in a mostly humid environment and decide to take a trip to Denver, you might not realize just how dry the weather is. For somebody like me, this created nose bleeds, allergy issues, sinus problems and a plethora of other histamine related problems. Additionally, the altitude doesn’t help much. Drink LOTS and LOTS of water.

Cannabis: Don’t get me wrong… I fully support the medicinal aspect of marijuana, but there is a fine line between recreational ‘at home use’ and the distinctive odor, which infiltrates the hallways and neighboring, rooms in my hotel. Smoking doesn’t bother me in general; it’s just a smell, which is pretty hard to remove from my suit when visiting clients.

The Heat: During the summer it gets hot. Very hot. One would expect a city built a mile high would be snow covered with great temperatures to layer clothing, but alas I just never know what to bring or how to dress when visiting Denver.

Flat. Flat. Flat. When being in Denver in areas, which do not include mountainous areas, it is flat as a pancake. A view of the mountains is nice, but driving around the city can be monotonous and somewhat boring.

Land-Locked: When you’re in Denver… You’re in Denver. There are no major cities close-by. Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc. are all so far away. Driving to a city for a day to explore to get out for a day can be bad for someone who can tend to get claustrophobic.

Nobody Dresses Up: I guess this goes with the territory (literally) but it seems as though the dress is very casual and blue jeans are worn everywhere. I like being able to dress up, going to a nice dinner and show and having a nice upscale night.

Lack of Culture/Diversity: I know many people who live in Denver. They all seem to have similar backgrounds. They don’t have any intentions on leaving Denver and while that’s ok, it tends to perpetuate a “Same Old is Good Enough” mentality.

The Boulder Obsession: When everyone who lives in Denver discusses heading somewhere for the weekend, I always hear the same destination idea…Boulder. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice area, but these Denverites tend to rest on Boulder as the end all be all. It’s really not.

Geographic Sprawl: The city is too spread out. Enough said.

Now, as you might have noticed, this was about Denver and not Colorado in general. There are plenty of great place outside the city limits. Boulder is overall a very cute town even though our previous point above is somewhat anti Boulder, its still a good place to go. The resort areas like Steamboat Springs, Vail, Park City, Breckenridge, and the like are a nice relaxing chance to experience what Denver should be. Denver should embrace their position as a Ski Capital and own it. My closing words are as follows: Denver is a city, which just doesn’t know what it wants to be.