All Hail... Columbus?...

For those of you who haven’t taken a quick trip into Columbus, I will tell you, it’s a pretty decent city with quaint houses filled with historic charm, and some great places to eat! I was there recently for a work trip and we were able to stop by a few places to see if they help up to their Yelp review.

  • First Watch: An extremely cute and friendly place with fresh, clean, food and a lot of delicious breakfast, brunch, and lunch options. They are known more on the East coast and are slowly starting to expand throughout the United States. I would 100% recommend you try this place out in Columbus, or anywhere else you travel that has a location. With options like fresh squeezed cucumber juice and a traditional breakfast cooked to order, it’s definitely worth a go!
  • Columbus Fish Market: A great place for those who love all things seafood! They even have an actual fresh fish market in the back if you want to take it home and cook yourself. We ordered the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail & Jumbo Crab Lump Cake to start – both really good appetizers and cooked really well. For dinner we ordered the Lobster & Shrimp Stuffed Cod and the Prime NY Strip Medallions + Lobster tail, along with Lobster Mac and Cheese to share. The stuffed cod was slightly overcooked but the Lobster Mac and Cheese was divine and highly recommended. Definitely worth a visit if you are over in the North Worthington area or by the Olentangy River. There is also a golf course nearby which could be a great way to work up your appetite before stopping in for dinner and drinks.
  • La Chatelaine French Bakery and Bistro: After our first great breakfast in Columbus, we were excited to check this place out; after all, the reviews raved about it. Sadly, it was a bit of a disappointment. For those who are familiar, it is laid out and offers the same options as a La Madeleine, with slightly better pastry options. On the plus side, it is really fast and cheap. So if you’re ever in a hurry, or are watching your expenses, it’s not a terrible place to breakfast!

Overall, my short time in Columbus that wasn’t filled with work meetings was filled with food and a bit of sightseeing while getting lost. It’s a cute city with a lot of Ohio State University Pride and numerous food options. If you ever land there be sure to check out the above locations – or try somewhere new and let us know what you think!