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I have been to Vegas numerous times and to be honest, it is not a place I would choose to go. I am not a gambler and staying up all night more then once in a weekend is getting to be too much in my old age. But I say that because I am starting to appreciate the other things Vegas has to offer. No, not the shows or the numerous ways they try to get you to spend money but the amazing hospitality and way they treat people that come to their town.

The staff of every casino, ground transportation, and hotel see you as dollar signs and they have learned that you can look like you have money and sometimes you don't look the part. They want all that you have so from my experience they treat you more on the side that you have what they want and they want it from you. They want you to gamble, stay in their hotel and spend your money.

From a hospitality standpoint, it is great! The service is amazing and the way they go above and beyond is something a lot of other hoteliers and service people can learn from. "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" could be one of the...

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Our goal is not to be negative with this portion of our Points of View blog series, but as you will see in the coming weeks, Encompass Worldwide likes to take on both the good with the bad. Granted there is no perfect vacation or business spot, but some are definitely better than others. Last week, we focused on the Pro/Positive side of Denver, Colorado and this week our Blog will focus on the list of Con/Negative viewpoints o the Mile High City. Remember, it’s just an opinion and we mean no harm. We just want to give you a different perspective for one of America’s major cities.

We’re sure you have seen or experienced many of these yourself. Call us dramatic, but these little sticking points can make or break my Denver experience.

And here we go….

The Airport: DIA (Denver International Airport) is a disjointed nightmare of an airport. It’s definitely huge, sprawls of a huge plot of land almost unnecessarily, provides a creep factor i.e. DIA Conspiracy Theories and finally the airport might as well had been built in Kansas considering it...


Most every time I go to Denver it is either in the winter or it is to do some sort of outdoor activity. That is what they are known for, right? Well, this last time I went to Denver and stayed downtown, in the summer, and no outdoor activities....and I still loved it.

Denver's downtown seems to not only be evolving in things to do but seems to be evolving in a town with great food! While there I tried a number of different cuisines that were ethically different from one another and all of them were so good. I also tried a few locations that had great atmospheres which is what I want to bring to you today.


For those of you who haven’t taken a quick trip into Columbus, I will tell you, it’s a pretty decent city with quaint houses filled with historic charm, and some great places to eat! I was there recently for a work trip and we were able to stop by a few places to see if they help up to their Yelp review.

  • First Watch: An extremely cute and friendly place with fresh, clean, food and a lot of delicious breakfast, brunch, and lunch options. They are known more on the East coast and are slowly starting to expand throughout the United States. I would 100% recommend you try this place out in Columbus, or anywhere else you travel that has a location. With options like fresh squeezed cucumber juice and a traditional breakfast cooked to order, it’s definitely worth a go!
  • Columbus Fish Market: A great place for those who love all things seafood! They even have an actual fresh fish market in the back if you want to take it home and cook yourself. We...

For those of you who don’t know (me included, until May of this year) the panhandle of Texas (the rectangular part at the top) is home to the second largest canyon in the country. Yep, that’s right – in the middle of nowhere Texas lies an extremely large, extremely gorgeous Palo Duro Canyon with much to do beside it. My family and I got the opportunity to experience it firsthand: hiking, horseback riding, and visiting the few tourist spots around the area. Palo Duro is located near Amarillo, TX, about 6 hours north of Dallas. The drive itself is a beating but once you arrive, you are really taken aback by the beauty of the canyon. If you are ever in the area check out some of these fun, family friendly options:

  • Hiking the Lighthouse Trail all the way up to the top of the canyon
  • Watching TEXAS, an outdoor musical drama, at the bottom of the canyon
  • Horseback Riding at the...
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New Zealand has become a travel hotspot over the last decade, not only because it produces the finest Sauvignon Blancs in the world, but also due to being the film location for the critically-acclaimed and wildly popular Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. While traveling halfway across the globe may seem like an arduous enterprise, the beautiful scenery, rich culture and friendly locals make New Zealand a country worthy of a spot on any travel bucket list.

The flight is admittedly the most expensive and time-consuming portion of the trip. Qantas, Australia’s most popular airline, operates a direct flight from Dallas to Sydney, Australia. (Note: If in Australia for more than 8 hours, a visa is required, regardless of whether or not Australia is the final destination.) Dallas to Sydney is a flight totaling 16 hours. The trick is to stay awake for approximately half of the flight – which usually leaves from Dallas at night – and then sleeping during the latter portion. That way, arriving in Sydney early in the morning isn’t quite as jarring to the body’s internal...


If you’ve never been to British Columbia, specifically the Vancouver & Vancouver Island parts, then you’re missing out on an array of unique vacation possibilities. One of those unique vacation options happens to be Storm Watching on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

We will take up a weeklong stay in the city of Ucluet, BC on the western coast of Vancouver Island on the Barkley Sound. More specifically we will be staying at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort. This resort offers a spa, and a culinary experience. Curl up in your well-equipped suite of contemporary design with floor to ceiling windows, fireplace, heated slate floors, soaking tub, kitchen and finally your balcony, which is perfect for watching the coming storm.

Between the months of November to March a winter storm hits the Ucluelet area with annual rainfall of over 130 Inches (3,351 Millimeters), Winds reaching up to 75 Kilometers (about 46 miles) and waves over 10 feet high. This area can expect around 10 storms in a given month during the storm season. This natural beauty begins each year...


Recently my husband booked a trip for us to California to celebrate our 4th anniversary. When I came home he had booked the Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad CA. Now, being in the business, I was like..."What?" But then after hearing the details, I was like..."YES!"


How often are you enjoying your city or state? I can remember when I was young my family went on vacations. We went to Disney, Hawaii, Arizona and pretty much anywhere except Texas. I would go once a year somewhere with a family member and would discover new places. Now, my family was not native to Texas so we never knew all of the great things to do here in our own state. As I got older and went off to college on the east coast, I realized that I had never really done anything more then the things in the Dallas area with the occasional trip town 45 to Houston.

After 4 years at college and a few more traveling throughout the US, I decided it was time to check out what my great state had to offer. WOW! There is so going on here. Over the past 10 years, I have been to a lot of the small towns and all of the bigger ones you have actually heard about.

Do you take time to check out your state? Where will you go next? There is always an adventure out there, you just have to go seek it out.


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The start of summer could not start in a more perfect way then to say thank you to the men and women who have gave their lives for this country. We are so lucky to live in a place where we can write what we think and say when we mean. There are parts of the world that would long to do this and for us, it is possible. So thank you to all of the service people that have risked and given their lives for our freedom. We appreciate you!


I read recently that TSA is trying to speed up the lines at major airports. Wow! What a genius idea!! I am not sure who thought of that but they definitely deserve a raise. I kid but really, I have almost missed flights because of these lines and that is getting there in the allotted 2 hour time window they now want you at the airport.

They are starting to change the system up a little bit to get things moving faster and doing some research on how to make it better. I hope it works because it is frustrating. The other day, I showed up to Dallas Love Field for a quick flight from Dallas to Houston. I got there an hour early which is usually plenty of time for Love and the service there is generally quick and painless. For whatever reason on this particular day, everyone in the metroplex was traveling at the same time I was. I asked a TSA agent, who was passing out sheets to people in line to see how long it took us to get through, what was going on. He told me that traveling out of Love was always like this and this many people were always here. I told him he was...


Here we go....again! So, we have had a blog up for a long time with Hotels for Crews, our sister site. Now we are expanding our blogging world for you and we are gearing everything to all travel. While we will still have niche information about crew travel but we will be bringing you a lot more travel news, tips and information.

So, join us weekly for new information as it comes. We love having you as our reader.

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